RikkiTikki Camping Pillow – Ultralight Inflatable Pillow (Grey)

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(15 customer reviews )

  COMPACT and PORTABLE: the weight and size of the inflatable travel pillow are well-balanced – it’s big enough (15 x 12 x 4.5 in) for a comfortable sleep, yet it only weighs 4oz and won’t make your travel bag heavy.

  RELIABLE and EASY to USE: the camp pillow has a reliable valve, which doesn’t let the air escape. It is easy to use – you will be able to inflate the backpacking pillow with just 3-4 deep breaths.

  COMPRESSIBLE and ULTRALIGHT: Fold the outdoor compressible blowup pillow into the bag sewn into it, as if it were a pair of socks. The folded hiking pillow looks like a tube the size of a Coke can.

  MULTIFUNCTIONAL: it’s a great pillow for sleeping but not only — it can serve as an inflatable back pillow for a car or office chair.

✅  LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are sure of the quality of this great camp pillow for women and men and guarantee that you will like it — or your money back!

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This tiny thing will make any of your travel comfortable and become irreplaceable companion in many situations – hiking, outdoor, camping, backpacking, traveling, car trip, bus, travel by train, on the airplane, sporting, concerts and other events!



Lightweight and ultralight backpacking philosophy became popular within travelers community last years and it is understandable – usually we are going outside to enjoy nature and seek to reach new mountain heights, not heights in weight carrying. In many situations inflatable pillows are one of the best options for backpackers because they are ultralight, compact, packable, easy to clean and affordable.





Here are several reasons why you should choose this pillow:

  • Optimal size: big enough to sleep comfortably, small enough to fit in a bag;
  • Cozy: the top fabric is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch;
  • Comfy: the pillow is constructed in such a way that your head will stay in the center of it;
  • Easy to use: the invisible valve lets you inflate the pillow in 30 seconds and deflate it even faster;
  • Portable and compressible: the air pillow folds into a small tube, the size of a Cola can.


A great GIFT for any person you know or a family member who travels a lot!




15 reviews for RikkiTikki Camping Pillow – Ultralight Inflatable Pillow (Grey)

  1. 5
    (15 reviews)


    This pillow will BLOW your mind!

    This product is awesome…so awesome that I bought a 2nd pillow and I bring both with me when I travel. I use one to support my lower back and one to support my head when I want to get some sleep on a plane, train, or automobile.

    I’m someone who struggles to get comfortable when I travel but this inflatable pillow has made traveling much nicer.

    – Easy to inflate, deflate, and pack up when you’re done
    – small and easy to pack
    – can be inflated to any size you desire – if you like it firm, give it a full blow; if you like it soft, give it a 1/2 or 2/3 blow to achieve partial inflation

  2. 5
    (15 reviews)

    Justine McDonald

    Compact lightweight inflatable pillow perfect for backpacking or traveling

    This pillow is very compact, lightweight and comfortable! I liked the blow up design, but snapping the seal into place can be a little tricky! Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. The color is great. I wish I had this pillow on my last backpacking trip, would’ve lightened my load!! Would definitely recommend and the price is great. My only advice: add instructions as it’s not as straightforward as you may think!

  3. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Never thought I’d find an inflatable pillow I’d like for backpacking…

    I have always been skeptical of the comfort of inflatable pillows, and for backpacking trips, have relied on heavier travel pillows or just rolling up clothing to serve as a pillow. This pillow, however, has changed my mind. The shape of the inflated pillow makes for a comfortable sleep, and it’s fairly easy to inflate/deflate. I’d say the one complaint is folding it back into its compartment effectively (much like backpacking sleeping bags, which seem impossible to fold). However, I think I will buy this product again for a few friends. I actually slept well with this pillow, which I was not expecting!

  4. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Great Portable Pillow

    This is an excellent pillow for camping, traveling and even for special use at home. It is easy to inflate and comes with its own, attached storage pouch. The only drawback with this pouch it trying to remember how to properly fold the pillow to get it back into that pouch…a minor drawback that a simple instruction sheet might fix. I personally liked keeping it more in its flat state (not rolled/folded back into that pouch) for placement in my suitcase. It doesn’t take up much room, but even less when stored flat.

  5. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Perfect for backpacking/military

    I am not someone who usually leaves a review. However, this was probably the best $17 I have ever spent. I initially bought this pillow as something small and lightweight I could pack in a rucksack during Army field exercises. Considering when compact it’s smaller than a closed fist, it fit that need perfectly. I used this on multiple military field exercises in very rough conditions. It was perfect and really helped me sleep comfortably. I then took it on a deployment to Afghanistan. There I slept on it every night for a year. I slept on it, sat on it, used it as a back brace. The seams held perfectly and the pillow didn’t leak. Every month or so of have to add a couple breathes to reinflate, but considering the use and abuse I was very impressed how well and consistently it held air. So in summary, the best $17 I’ve ever spent, fit my needs perfectly and far exceeded my expectations.

  6. 5
    (15 reviews)

    P. Greenbaum

    Better then the rest. It’s worth the oz

    I never thought it would be worth having a camping pillow. Seemed like a stupid luxury item, but I got one of these Rikki Tikki pillows to try out. I loved it. Super soft, really small, weighs nothing, and comfortable to sleep on. I then figured we’ll this is the cheap, knock off item, let me get something better for backpacking… But after trying different products some more expensive then this one i kept coming back to my Rikki Tikki. I only wish they would make one a bit larger. Why this beats the competition including the expensive name brands
    – Stuff sack is attached to pillow. You can’t loose it,
    – Easy to fold back into stuff sack
    – Super soft on face, no sleeping in plastic or smell.
    – Easy to inflate, and deflate
    – Packs crazy small.
    – Supportive, way better then your dirty socks or jacket in a stuff sack

  7. 5
    (15 reviews)

    Mark Webb

    Don’t want to travel without it.

    I’m not a big fan of “wrap around your neck” style travel pillows so I decided to try the Rikki Tikki backpacking pillow. I was glad I did, I love the product.

    First, it is very comfortable. There is a thin layer of foam inside that makes it feel like a real pillow instead of a beach toy. I don’t backpack or go camping but I spend a lot of time on planes and this pillow makes sleeping on the plane much better. You can lay the whole side of your head against it.

    Second, it collapses VERY small and stores in a bag that is sewn to the pillow so you always know where it is. I carry it on to the plane in the pocket of my sports coat, it’s that small. Third, it is extremely easy to inflate and deflate. Instead of the normal inflation nipple it has an opening about the size of a quarter with a diaphragm. I can easily inflate it with about three breaths and then let a little air out to get just the right amount of cushion. The seal is tight and flat, you never feel it when using the pillow.

    Deflating and storing the pillow is very easy. You hold your finger on the diaphragm and start folding the pillow, you can get ALL of the air out of it this way and it fits right back into the bag.

  8. 5
    (15 reviews)

    Linda jw

    Like the larger size

    Used nightly instead of regular pillow to relieve arthritic neck pain. Small one purchased at a local drugstore works very well but wanted a larger size. Glad to have found this one on Amazon.

  9. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Awesome little travel pillow

    I took this pillow with me on a trip with limited packing space. Of course, it never packs as small after you first use it, but it is still super compact. I blew it up once and it lasted me 4 days without needing to be inflated (may have lasted longer but I had to pack it back down). You can control the firmness level to your liking, which is a huge bonus. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  10. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Soft, lightweight. Great choice

    We recently went backpacking for a week and only 1 person in a group of 4 had a pillow. This was the only item I truly missed during the trip. However, his pillow was very hard to inflate. I bought this pillow to try and I love it. It takes almost no time to inflate and it is so soft. The gray material feels like a home pillow and not plastic.
    *Its also very lightweight and small to carry which is a big plus for me. Good choice

  11. 5
    (15 reviews)


    LOVE IT – Worth the extra $!

    I previously bought a cheaper pillow, but it did not last the year (deflated after the 3rd or 4th flight). However, I have no flown a few times with this one, and even used it as a head pillow for a few nights, and can tell this is much better quality.

    At first, I thought it was missing a piece as the piece where you blow is different than usual. Once I understood i needed to blow directly with my lips pressed against the orifice, I realized it is much quicker to inflate with this design, and holds air just fine! It did not deflate with the changes of pressure from the plane, yet is easy to deflate & store back in its bag, and I like that it can be easily cleaned.

    It is a good size too. I mostly use it in a plane or on long train/car rides for my lower back (inflate it very lightly to get the best support without it being bulky): by inflating it just to about 1/4-1/3 of its size, the air naturally finds its place by filling gaps between your back & the seat, and provides relieving support for back strains & pains.

    Thank you Rikki Tikki!

  12. 5
    (15 reviews)


    Very nice to have on a backpack trip

    I started to look for a small, lightweight pillow that I could take on a backpack trip, without adding to much weight. I saw this and figured it was well worth it for the price. Used it this past weekend and it worked fine. Two minor long term concerns that I have. First, not sure if this will be able to be washed…may just have to clean the cover by hand since I am not sure it can go in the washer, even on the delicate setting. Second, as another reviewer mentioned, the air plug is very snug and I can see myself ripping the plastic pillow when I remove it to deflate. Regardless, for the minor amount of money, this is a great alternative to bundling up clothes or jacket to sleep on! I would buy another one and recommend to a friend.

  13. 5
    (15 reviews)

    simple logic

    Great pillow for long trips

    This little pillow is amazingly comfortable. I love that it can be inflated to any degree of firmness – a little more for a headrest, less for lumbar cushioning in an otherwise uncomfortable seat. I have back issues, and this little treasure has totally transformed my driving/passenger situation, especially on longer trips. I don’t think I’ll ever spend time in a car without it from now on.

  14. 5
    (15 reviews)

    Mel’s Notes

    Liked this so much that I bought 2!

    I am so happy that I ordered this travel pillow! It is easy to inflate and deflate with a much easier system to do both. I like that it stays inflated to whatever level I like. My only wish is that the little bag that is attached for storage was slightly larger. It is a little difficult to get back in the bag.

  15. 5
    (15 reviews)

    Linda Houck

    After being really disappointed with the Klymit brand pillow

    I have used this for about a month now as a pillow for my back while driving, and have found it to hold air with no noticeable loss. After being really disappointed with the Klymit brand pillow, the Rikki Tikki pillow is a pleasant change.It is light weight and I will be using it on a trip I plan where weight needs to be kept at a minimum. I recommend it.

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RikkiTikki Camping Pillow – Ultralight Inflatable Pillow (Grey)

RikkiTikki Camping Pillow – Ultralight Inflatable Pillow (Grey)

(15 reviews)
(15 customer reviews )