RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress – Inflatable Car Mattress with Pump

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(12 customer reviews )
  • COMFORTABLE and EASY to USE: air mattress for a car turns the back of your car into a bed. It has 8 independent air chambers using which you can adjust car mattress backseat for different car cargo areas of SUV, hatchback, minivan or truck. The full inflated car air bed size is 69″ x 51″ x 4″ (LxWxH)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY and DURABLE: flocking SUV mattress made with high-quality PVC – soft, pleasant to touch material, tear- and cold-resistant.
  • FAST INFLATION and DEFLATION: SUV air mattress package includes reliable two-way electric air pump with 3 nozzles for airbed valves. The pump comes with two power plugs for a car and home outlets.
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT and UNIVERSAL: car bed back seat inflatable air mattress comes with portable suitcase where you can fold your inflatable car bed and pump with power adapters. The car inflatable mattress also can be a great camping mattress or home air bed.
  • WARRANTY: in addition to Amazon satisfaction guarantee we provide for car air mattress back seat one year guarantee from the supplier. Buy confidently!
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Great car mattress for SUV camping!

Convenient transportation and easy set up: package includes two-way electric air pump with AC & DC adapters and carry bag where you can store your car air mattress and pump. Comfortable, reliable and easy to clean: car camping mattress made from non-toxic PVC, top flocked, puncture resistant and safe for everyone. Perfect fit for car and camping tent: with our suv air mattress a night in the car or tent will be as cozy as a night at home!



Fully inflated

Fully inflated mattress completely fill in SUV cargo area and organize sleeping place for two people.





Half inflated

Thankfully independent air chambers mattress can be inflated by half and leave place for baggage in car trunk.





Fits perfectly two person tent

You can use the inflatable mattress for car sleeping as well as for sleeping in tent.





Car Air Mattress features:

  • Size: 69″ x 51″ x 4″ (175 x 130 x 10cm)
  • Material: PVC 0.55mm flocked(top) + PVC 0.3mm flocked (side +bottom)
  • Loading weight: 660 lbs (300 kgs)
  • Unit weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kgs)
  • Cold-resistant: – 22F (- 30C)
  • Inflating Testing: Once receiving the product, please, do 24 hours inflating testing.
  • Inflating Sequence: Inflate the inflatable car mattress from the most distant valve. This way you will double-check if the length of cable of air pump is long enough for inflating the mattress.
  • Inflating time: Normally car camping mattress can be inflated in 3 minutes. Once there is no airflow over the air pump, the car air mattress is supposed to be inflated fully.
  • How to clean the car mattress: Dust can be brushed aside. Liquid spot can be cleaned by wet tissue. To get rid of a liquid spot, please, use water to wash.


12 reviews for RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress – Inflatable Car Mattress with Pump

  1. 5
    (12 reviews)


    Absolutely would recommend

    I got this air mattress as a Birthday present and I absolutely love it. I live close to a drive in movie theater and the trunk of my Escape wasn’t cutting it because there is a 2.5″ difference between where you lean the seats over and the trunk. So I line the trunk half with a foam mattress topper and then put this on top and you cant feel that edge at all. SO easy to set up. I have a 2015 escape and it fits so perfectly.

  2. 5
    (12 reviews)

    Audrey L.

    Ready for Adventures 🏕⛰🏔

    We have now used it a few times. Still LOVE this air mattress! One time I didn’t get the plug all the way in and had a chamber deflate on me so definitely make sure to get those plugs all the way down. They can be a bit difficult. I’ve included a new picture from my 5y.o. Strawberry the dogs photoshoot! Fits great fully blown up in an 08 Chevrolet Suburban.

    I ordered this for this upcoming camping/hiking season. It fits great in my 08 Chevy Suburban. This is going to make camping on a whim so much easier with our little ones! I might have to stuff something in the gap between the 2nd and 3rd row to keep the pillow section flat but that isn’t a big deal as we usually pack a bit extra and if I needed to we could just flip it around and sleep the other way. I can’t wait for our next trip!

  3. 5
    (12 reviews)


    Very affordable and surprisingly comfortable!

    I purchased this last week since I was going to Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend and wanted to try car camping. I was not sure if it would be comfortable but this was PERFECT FOR TWO PEOPLE! This is very affordable and surprisingly very comfortable. It was easy to inflate ( I have a manual pump ) and the mattress retained air throughout the entire night. The combined weight of me and my partner is around 270 pounds and it held up fine! The padding was thick enough to be comfortable and did not make much noise at all. VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE QUALITY AND DESIGN!!

    For those that are searching for a quick blow-up mattress to car camp, LOOK NO FURTHER! If you never tried car camping before, give this mattress a shot! Super comfortable, affordable pricing, and definitely my favorite mattress to date.

  4. 4
    (12 reviews)


    Sufficient quality and good fit for mid size SUV

    Overall, the mattress is good design and quality. Fit pretty perfect in the back of my off road built 1990 4Runner (with back seats folded down). For the money, I expected it to be a little thicker, but my bad, I didn’t read the product description thoroughly. Inflated, it is basically the thickness you would find with a swimming pool mattress.
    Also, the mattress, although professionally packaged, had been used and returned….. I believe. There was what looked like a coffee stain near one of the “pillows” and a couple small stains of the same at the foot of the mattress. It cleaned off, but left discoloration. When I buy something “new” I expect it new.
    I would purchase again, but at a lower cost than $90. Definitely serves the purpose and better than sleeping on a hard floor. Lol.

  5. 4
    (12 reviews)


    Perfect for a Honda Fit!

    I bought this car air mattress to do some solo camping this spring/summer.
    Aside from comfort, my main concern when purchasing this air mattress was if it would fit in the back of my car. I have a 2016 Honda Fit, and this air mattress fits perfectly, like it was made for my car! As for comfort, I have yet to go on a weekend getaway, but I did lay down just to see how comfy it was. And, being totally honest, it is not crazy comfortable. But, it’s way better than laying directly on the car. I am pretty concerned about the longevity of this air mattress, the quality does not seem great. I plan to do an update after I am able to use it for a weekend.

  6. 4
    (12 reviews)

    M. Wyant

    Decent Comfort

    This isn’t going to make you feel like you’re at the Hilton, but if you’re buying an air mattress for the back of your crossover, you probably already knew that. Inflation was a minor annoyance as the one-way valves don’t really do anything–so there is a bit of juggling between holding the pump to the nozzle, then quickly trying to plug the valve before too much air escapes. For this reason, we ignored the super-small side sections. Overall, however, it only took up 10 minutes to inflate this our first time.

    Comfort is what you would expect for an air mattress. I would advise, however, that if you are sleeping single, to look for a non-foldable mattress. The “seam” between the two sections ends up right under the shoulder of a centered occupant.

  7. 5
    (12 reviews)


    Super easy and fast to inflate and very intuitive great air mattres

    Super easy to inflate, the pump makes the job super quick the mattres have 2 levels of seals for different air pumping speeds, so for the large airbags use first the bigger one once is almost done use the intermediate,for the small ones just use the intermediate one, once inflated the mattres delivers what is expected, as comfortable as an air mattres can be, is very intuitive to use and the pump can also help you to deflate but honestly how it’s designed you really dont need it, by folding it the air comes out easy.

  8. 5
    (12 reviews)

    Nicole Heinz

    Fits 2017 RAV4 Nicely, Very Comfortable!

    Excellent quality! This was very comfortable to sleep on and stayed inflated the entire night. My husband is 6’ 3” and I’m 5’ 9”, and we thought this was very comfortable to sleep on in our RAV4. We even had our dog with us and the material held up nicely (we covered it with a queen sized fitted sheet for extra protection and comfort but I think it would’ve held up with the dog’s nails just fine). When we were ready to pack up, the mattress deflated very quickly and fit into the bag nicely. I loved how the bag is a little over-sized so you don’t have to fold it perfectly in order for it to fit. We also left the bag out in the rain (unintentionally) and the inside stayed dry.

    One drawback would be the cord is a little short when using it in the car, but you can easily make it work by filling up the big areas last and starting with the smaller pillows/side areas first.

    I could definitely see us using this indoors for extra sleeping space in our house, but for now we are looking forward to more car camping trips now that we essentially have a portable hotel room!

  9. 5
    (12 reviews)

    Audrianna Chastain

    Easy to setup, use, and store. High quality.

    I love this product, when I first set it up in my Crosstrek (fits perfectly) I got the same feeling that you get when you are a kid and you build a fort. The mattress itself is very easy to set up and inflate and it seems to be very well made. The mattress stayed inflated for a few days without the need to re-inflate (although) I would not recommend leaving it inflated in the hot car. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the mattress was and got great sleep. A full size fitted sheet will fit over the full mattress if you want to put a sheet on it. For extra support I would recommend bringing a pillow outside of the inflatable one but that is personal choice. Lastly, the mattress deflates and folds up very easily. Once folded it fits nicely in the compact bag that they give you with the pump ( and for me the extra sheets). Overall I had a great first experience using this product, I will update if in future uses there are any issues.

  10. 4
    (12 reviews)


    Convenient and comfortable

    Used in back of 2002 Toyota Highlander for trailhead camping prior to climb. Fit perfect. Comfortable, carrying bag easy to pack. Inflated in less than 3 minutes. Caution? The power cord for the pump is short so does not reach all pump inputs when laid out in back but bought a dc to ac converter and have extension cord so works even better.

  11. 5
    (12 reviews)

    Rachel Chiasson

    Great air mattress

    I have used this a few times, now and was skeptical at first because it is rather thin, but it turned out to be really comfortable! I use it mostly for date nights in the truck bed and we add blankets and pillows for extra comfort! It also came with a pump that has a car adapter which was super handy!

  12. 5
    (12 reviews)


    Perfect for tents!

    We absolutely loved this! Blew up quickly and was super soft! We tested it in our tent in the living room, and loved the quality! Can’t wait to use it in the van this summer for drive in movies!

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RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress – Inflatable Car Mattress with Pump

RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress – Inflatable Car Mattress with Pump

(12 reviews)
(12 customer reviews )