RikkiTikki Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping (Grey)

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(19 customer reviews )

  COMFORTABLE REST GUARANTEED. The RikkiTikki sleeping pad lets you organize a warm, comfortable and dry sleeping place when camping, taking a trip or resting in the fresh air. With this air mattress pad, you will be able to lay on the ground comfortably and never feel an uneven surface, humidity or cold.

  SUPER COMPACT AND LIGHT. The inflating sleeping pad for camping weighs only 18 ounces (530 grams) and has an R – value of 2.4 which makes it one of the best warmth-to-weight ratio products in its class. The sleeping mat easily folds down to 9 x 2.8 inches (the size of a one-liter water bottle). The size of an unfolded pad is 73 x 21 x 2 in (185 x 53 x 5 cm). An ideal choice when camping with a backpack.

  A UNIQUE MATERIAL. The ultralight sleeping pad for women and men is made of 75D Pongee fabric, a soft, thin, plain-weave fabric of light to medium weight with both cross ribbing and small slabs, generally made from silk, rayon or polyester. The material is more durable and not as slippery as Nylon, which makes this camp pad the best sleeping mat for camping.

  STEADINESS TO DISTORTIONS. We use a special reinforcing technique in our inflatable mattress pad that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. The advantages of ripstop fabrics include the favorable strength-to-weight ratio. The high quality of our best camping pad is ensured by a Lifetime Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

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Sleeping in a tent or a sleeping bag can be comfortable!

For lovers of active rest with a backpack, we offer the light, compact and comfortable RikkiTikki sleeping pad for camping. Sleeping on a durable inflatable camping pad lets you get some real rest, as our full air mattress doesn’t slide and the length fits most people (the size of the unfolded mattress: 75x25x2.5 inches) protects you from the cold and evens out all soil inequities.

One more important feature of the material used in the RikkiTikki inflating sleeping pad is improved thermo-isolation.

Using our sleeping pad for backpacking, you won’t be cold and will be able to get a good night’s rest when camping.


Flat valve

The camp mattress pad has a durable multipurpose valve that lets you easily and quickly inflate and deflate the camp mattress.

The flat valve is constructed in three parts: the first layer, which closes the valve completely, the second layer, which is where you can blow in or release small amounts of air with a push, and the final layer, which is how you deflate. Flat valve deflates very quickly due to the large open hole and fills up quickly.





Low-bulk materials make the air mattress one of the most compact mattresses ever – as packable as a water bottle. Our sleep pad for backpacking weighs only 20 ounces and can be easily folded to 11 x 3 inches.





Quilted Baffles

Quilted Baffles pad design utilizes both horizontal and vertical baffles to create small mattress-like pockets. This approach makes pads more stable, retain heat, and actually feel like a mattress.




Warm Reflective Technology

Patent-pending, thermal reflective technology traps radiant heat while pad construction minimizes convective heat loss–all without the bulk, weight or durability issues of down and synthetic fills.

You will be able to use the RikkiTikki sleeping pad for adults anywhere. The covering of our camping pad is durable and doesn’t tear. The RikkiTikki sleep pad for camping is not made of nylon, but of 75D polyester ripstop TPU – a soft, thin, plain-weave fabric. Ripstop fabrics are woven and use a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.





19 reviews for RikkiTikki Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping (Grey)

  1. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Rachel Stewart

    A great packable sleeping pad for the money

    I bought this pad to use backpacking and chose it for it’s light weight, packability, and great price and it checked all those boxes wonderfully. I am a side sleeper and found the pad to be comfortable when tested on a concrete floor. I will say that while getting into your sleeping bag, if you put most of your weight on one knee, the pad can not support it and you will go straight through to the ground underneath. That being said, when laying on the pad your body weight is distributed well and there is no touching of the ground. The bubble like air pockets can feel a little weird at first but all in all this is a lightweight, comfortable sleeping pad without the high costs of some of the more popular sleeping pads such as Thermarest and with a better R value than a lot of the cheap pads on Amazon that are basically pool floaties.

  2. 5
    (19 reviews)


    Just what I was hoping for. Easy and small. Perfect color!

    I purchased this for a trip to Joshua Tree with friends last minute and it arrived in time! This was one of the less expensive sleeping pads I could find and was also the color I was looking for.

    The pad was easy to inflate by my guy friend (via mouth roughly 5-6 deep breaths). I could not figure out a good way to go about it since my mouth is small (haha), but with help this was really fast and easy. The opening is a bit larger (4x) than say an inflatable float, so maybe if I pinched it, it would have been easier. Deflating was a breeze!!! It packs up pretty small, and isn’t very heavy. It fits back into the original bag with ease. It comes with two patches in case there are any tears or punctures, although hopefully we won’t have to use them!

    I am looking forward to many more trips with this and highly recommend this product!

  3. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Greg Geis

    It’s Just Right

    I haven’t used it yet for a trip but I’ve had a few pads I went through before trying it. First I like that it’s rectangular, not mummy shaped. I have a Sleepingo that I like as well except the shape, it packs down smaller but they’re close enough. This has a thicker 2” loft which is noticeably more comfortable. The sleeping fabric has more of a rip stop weave where this is a uniform stitch but no idea if it has any durability implications. The pillow is great as well, much better than expected. The package for the price is hard to beat.

  4. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Amazon Customer

    This was extremely comfortable! I have a bad back and I have …

    This was extremely comfortable! I have a bad back and I have never found an air mattress that didn’t hurt my back. This however did not! I was shocked! It is very thing but very very comfortable! I also went ahead and bought 2 more as gifts for my family member’s who do a lot of tent camping in Montana. It is very light weight and is very compact to hike with!

  5. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Lisa Padriza

    Simply amazing

    This Sleepingo pad is amazing! I purchased this sleeping pad for our hiking trip to Arizona!!! I inflated it and slept in our tent in our back yard.. I had the best night.. the pad is so comfortable and light weight!! I loved it.. I can’t wait to take it to my trip!!

    -Easy to inflate
    -Easy to store


  6. 5
    (19 reviews)


    Light weight sleeping pad with good comfort

    Haven’t slept on it yet, but is light weight, compact, and seems well made. Is a little difficult to adjust the amount of air in it would be my only criticism so far. It feels comfortable even when on my side.

  7. 5
    (19 reviews)

    The Deathbridges

    Compact sleeping pad

    Normally we bring a huge inflatable bed with us when camping and it takes up so much room. This is great because it is very lightweight and can fit in a sidepocket of your backpack, so perfect for hikes! Only issue is that you need to inflate it yourself so that can be exhausting and take a while, but you should be fine if you have the time to do it or bring a pump of some kind. It’s really long so a lot of people can sit on it if you are just all sitting on the ground outside as well.

  8. 4
    (19 reviews)

    Carrie C

    It’s okay, not the most comfortable sleeping pad

    I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. It was just satisfactory. Not real comfortable, but better than the cold hard ground. Wish it was a bit thicker. Lightweight and I had no trouble with the inflation. It was okay.

  9. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Amazon Customer

    Good lightweight camping pad.

    Used for camping twice now, and really made a difference. A little cumbersome to blow up by mouth, the one way valve helps with that, so not too bad, maybe 3 or 4 minutes to inflate. Folds/rolls up easily and compact. I like that it comes with a patch kit.

  10. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Amazon Customer

    Great cost effective sleeping pad

    This sleeping pad is a good option for backpackers or campers on a budget. It is true to size and quite comfortable. The description said that the r-value was 2.4, due to the quilted structure. I haven’t been able to test this but there is no insulation or reflective material inside this pad. The pad weighs in just under 20 ounces and seems to be well made and durable.

  11. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Jason C

    Best thing ever!

    We bought 3 of these and could not be happier. We never got any sleep before because the ground was soo hard. These are easy to blow up and are comfortable. Would highly recommend.

  12. 5
    (19 reviews)


    Good buy for the money

    This sleeping pad is very good and comfortable. I was confused on how to inflate this initially but later realized that it could be inflated easily with mouth. Took me 5-8 minutes and couple of deep breathe.It very comfortable to lie on your back with great support. I did feel some lack of support while lying on my sides but my wife had no issues. she is all praise for this. we used it during our picnic and we really enjoyed it. You can deflate and roll it into the pouch for easy carry on which is a plus when it comes to storage.

  13. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Pastor in VA

    Deflates easily

    Looked like it was going to be 8’ long, but when filled shortened. Pretty easy to fill. What I like most is the 2 way valve making it super easy to deflate. Comfy for 220lb side sleeper.

  14. 5
    (19 reviews)


    Quality and comfort!

    I have felt that I needed more padding on the cot I sleep on. I may have to inflate it more, but for a few nights so far, I have slept better because of the added comfort. I bought the very nice grey color; it goes with the pad that came with the cot. It seems very well made and that much thought went into the design. It takes some time and lung power to inflate as one would expect it to. I am resting and supported by your product and my own breath. Thank you.
    See original review on Amazon

  15. 5
    (19 reviews)



    I ordered two different kinds of sleeping mats and this was mine and my daughters favorite one. It is really light (however that doesnt matter to us because we are using it for car camping) it is rectangle (not mummy shaped) and when you lay down on it, it distributes the air perfectly. I dont like sleeping on traditional air matresses because of the way that the air pushes on your body but this seems to distribute the air so it is more comfortable to me than a 6″ air matress. great price great product.

  16. 5
    (19 reviews)


    Great for camping outdoors and bringing in the plane.

    This was a lifesaver for me because I went to vacation and had to sleep on the floor for a week and it did hold up pretty good. It was super comfy and I slept as good as I did in my bed. One thing though I wish I had noticed is that it does not have a pillow so I had to buy another one with a pillow for my sister. I personally don’t mind if I don’t have a pillow so I used this one and totally worth my money. The reason I give it five stars is because it is super lightweight a d doesn’t take up much space. I was able to bring it with me in my backpack in the plane no issues.

  17. 5
    (19 reviews)


    It’s convenient

    I like it how it was light weight and easy to carry in bag, storage after use -size of one liter water bottle perfect for campers hikers. Even guest overnight stay I Probably will buy another one

    It also feels better than those roll up bulky foam mattress

  18. 5
    (19 reviews)

    Monica Eastman

    Its actually pretty comfortable to

    Not one to usually write reviews but I think this product deserves one. It folds up really small which is a huge plus and its not an a$$ pain to get back in the compact sleeve it came with. Its actually pretty comfortable to. Unlike the self inflating one I spent 80$ on this one does not shift a lot when you turn over. The small air pocket design seems to really keep it inflated in a uniform fashion and its surprisingly comfortable for its small size. I cant speak to the thermal aspect yet but we will see soon.

  19. 5
    (19 reviews)


    I’d give it 10 star if I could

    See my picture with cover. Underneath is this product. For the price & comfort, it is well worth it. When I first saw it, I thought no way it would work. Darn, I was wrong. I’m in love with it. Love it love it love it. So easy to put away when done😍👍

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RikkiTikki Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping (Grey)

RikkiTikki Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping (Grey)

(19 reviews)
(19 customer reviews )